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Good Hair Dye Ideas from Celebrities

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by nissa

Good hair dye ideas are limitless. Be prepared for the new you. Still got no idea about the color? It is the time for you to sneak peek the celebrities’ style and go get your inspirations. Keep in mind that when you choose the hair color, each color and highlight can represent the certain style and look. It is even better for you to match the hair color you choose with your skin tone. Your hair color is your personality, most people said. That is why you should choose the shades and tones that can represent who you really are. Expressive and creative? Go bold. Calm and simple? Being natural is all you need.

good hair dye color ideas Good Hair Dye Ideas from Celebrities

Having light colored hair? Maybe it is the time for you to completely change your look. Why not go into the darker color? Ashy coal colored locks will give you the naughty and sexy look, especially if you combine it with red bold lipstick as the makeup. Rooney Mara is the best example. Or, you may want to change your look like Rachel McAdams. She looks gorgeous with dark brown hair in bob style. That sleek hairstyle is also combined with pale skin and red rosy cheeks. Kirsten Wiig can also be the inspiration for good hair dye ideas. She has the ombre auburn hair. Ombre is the latest trend for highlights. If you think that blonde is the best, think again. Kirsten looks so elegantly gorgeous with her brunette hair.

 Good Hair Dye Ideas from Celebrities

Want to look fiercer? Try Scarlett Johansson’s hairstyle. She turned her light brown and blondish hair into seductive red. You can also add the striking shade to lock every eye on you. If you are not the bold and fierce woman, you may want to try January Jones’ hair style. Her strawberry blond colored hair looks perfect to frame her face. If you have red colored hair and want to look calmer, you can go completely blonde like Emma Stone. Her white blonde gives the sun kissed effect. Still can’t decide which best for you? Go ask your hair colorist and stylist to get the recommended good hair dye ideas.

 Good Hair Dye Ideas from Celebrities

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