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Golden Brown Hair Color in Perfect Look

Monday, 5 August 2013, 17:24 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 11396 Times
by nissa

Golden brown hair color is the perfect choice for you if you want to cover your grey. It is because this hair color is natural enough and at the same time can enhance your beauty. Or, if you just want to change your look and your skin tone is medium to pale, golden brown is also a nice idea for you to try. However, keep in mind that not all people can look perfect in this shade. You should consider your complexion, your hair cut, and your undertone to get this color. Here are some guides for you to get the right color for you, if it is not golden brown shade.

golden brown hair color ideas Golden Brown Hair Color in Perfect Look

First, according to Garnier, consider your temperature first. If you are hot, then your eyes must be hazel with brown or gold flecks, green-blue, green, or golden brown. Your complexion must be pale to medium with ruddy, freckled, or golden undertones. It means that you are perfect for warm shades for your hair, like reddish tone, auburn, copper, brunette, and absolutely the golden brown hair color. The shades in Garnier that are perfect for you are roasted coffee, brown sugar, chestnut, chocolate caramel, and cappuccino. If you have cool temperature, your eyes must be hazel with blue, grey, or white flecks, blue-grey, dark blue, brown, or deep brown. Your skin tone must be medium to dark with golden undertones. If you have tanned skin, it tends to be bronze or brown. The shades that are perfect for you are cool and radiant colors that are iridescent and ashy. Iced macchiato and caffe latte in Garnier are perfect.

golden brown hair color tumblr Golden Brown Hair Color in Perfect Look

If you want to get golden brown color right at your home, you should know that most people ended up in wrong hair tone. That is why it is recommended for you to purchase golden brown shade and neutral brown shade. You should mix them and apply it to your hair. There are some hot tips too. If you are hot, you should avoid the colors like ashy, beige, and violet. For the best makeup and clothes for golden brown hair color woman, it should be the earth tones, like medium browns, oranges, and yellows.

golden brown hair color garnier Golden Brown Hair Color in Perfect Look


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