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Girls with Colored Hair Ideas to Get Edgy Look

Tuesday, 9 July 2013, 14:46 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 7733 Times
by nissa

Girls with colored hair usually have their own attraction that can make every head turn to them on the street. This is the reason why most girls would like to dye their hair. It is true that actually almost every woman has their hair colored, dyed, or highlighted nowadays. However, what kind of color that makes people want to put their eyes on you? Coloring your hair in natural look is great, but it will make you look like everyone else. Thing that makes you look different is unique and expressive hair color. Dyeing your hair in unusual colors represents your personality as a creative and rebellious person. Here are some ideas of color combinations that you can apply for your hair.

girls with multi colored hair Girls with Colored Hair Ideas to Get Edgy Look

Electric blue is a new blue. If you want to change your style into an emo look, you can dye your hair black and add streaks or electric blue around the facial area. Or, if you want to look completely different, you can dye your hair in electric blue as the base tone and add some streaks of black as the highlights. Having fair skin? Then it will look very nice if you have platinum blonde hair. Sure that platinum blonde is not enough. You can add the light orange color as the highlights. Color your hair in back side with platinum blonde, and color the front side with light orange. Girls with colored hair like this always get the attention.

girls with bold colored hair Girls with Colored Hair Ideas to Get Edgy Look

If you think two colored hair is not enough, you can try multi colored hair. Having rainbow on your hair is a nice idea. For the color, you can choose the primary ones, like red, blue, and such. Or you may want to combine any light and bold color. Light blue, green, orange, red, pink, purple, and yellow in a hair is not impossible. Consult with your colorist to part the areas in your hair with the certain bold colors. If you want to look edgy only in two colors, then you can trick the coloring technique. Part your hair in two, and color the first part in one color and the other part with another color that is contrasted. Girls with colored hair like this always stand out in the crowd.

girls with unique colored hair Girls with Colored Hair Ideas to Get Edgy Look

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