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Garnier Fructis Hair Color to Protect Your Color

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by nissa

Garnier fructis hair color is the hair product that you can be useful as the color shield so it can protect your hair color from being washed easily. In fact, garnier fructis is not only about hair coloring treatment, but it also includes shampoo and conditioner. There are several products that you can choose based on your need. When it comes to hair color, as you may have known, it should be kept long lasting. No matter what color you choose for your hair, you can get the color shield from garnier fructis. Speaking of hair color, have you ever found the right shade and tone for you? Considering your skin tone is a must. Commonly, lighter shade will be matched with those who have fair to pale skin, while darker shade can be used for both complexion, be it pale or dark.

garnnier fructis hair color foam Garnier Fructis Hair Color to Protect Your Color

If you color your hair, it will be better for you add highlights as well. Adding the highlights needs more considerations. For instance, you should notice your base color as well as your complexion and facial features. The right choice of highlights will frame and illuminate your face. There are many tones and shades that you should combine. Bronde, for example, is the new hair color craze. It is the combination of brown and blonde that is blended together. Highlights can be in blended look or streaky style. Highlights shades should also be kept well to get longer last with garnier fructis hair color.

garnier fructis hair color shades Garnier Fructis Hair Color to Protect Your Color

When adding the highlights, you should also use several shades, at least three, in your hair. It is because highlights are meant to have multi-dimensional look instead of just one. That is why it is better to ask your colorist to give you two highlights and one lowlight. For the color and effect, besides brown and blonde, you can get bolder and more vibrant color, like blue, purple, and red. Commonly, dark hair is more flexible to be matched with any shade and tone. And again, besides the deep conditioning and other treatments regularly, you also need garnier fructis hair color to make your hair perfect.

garnier fructis hair color red Garnier Fructis Hair Color to Protect Your Color

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