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Funky Hair Color Ideas 2013

Tuesday, 28 May 2013, 15:34 | Short Hairstyles | Comments Off | Read 84 Times
by Nida

Funky Hair Color Ideas can be applied to short, medium and long hair. Additionally, you have to keep adjusting with the latest trends in hair styles and colors to help you in making a brilliant choice. Ideas for hairstyle, funky hair colors, usually combining shades of bold and contrasting. While choosing unconventional colors like that, make sure that the chosen color matches the skin tone and eye color. Choose the most obvious for funky hair colors such as pink, blue, purple, orange, neon yellow, green, blonde, turquoise, red, copper, burgundy, purple, and so on.

funky hair color ideas long hair Funky Hair Color Ideas 2013

Another Funky Hair Color Ideas are to choose the strange highlight as electric blue, pink, orange, etc. You can also comes with some creative ideas, for example, the model highligth tiger. Especially those with darker skin should choose deep colors such as reddish brown, dark red, dark red fuchsia, black, rich, dark magenta, etc. In addition, the color of golden blonde and light brown tend to accentuate the light-colored eyes.On the other hand, you can experiment with light and flirty. However, if you want to create a funky and fashionable appearance, but felt that the bold color will look crazy on you, you can choose the colors that make more sense and use them creatively to add beauty to your hair.

funky hair color ideas short hair1 Funky Hair Color Ideas 2013

To keep the style simple yet stunning, fairly coloring strand of the end or bottom layer crown and using bright colors on the bangs. Make sure you use a quality hair dye to avoid unnecessary damage to the hair. If you are not interested in maintaining and treatment required for color-treated tresses, you can choose the hair extensions painted. However, you have to learn details about the proper use of such extensions before actually implementing them. So that you can look stylish with Funky Hair Color Ideas.

funky hair color ideas orange Funky Hair Color Ideas 2013

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