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French Braids for Black Hair Ideas

Friday, 19 July 2013, 13:58 | Braid Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 2964 Times
by nissa

French braids for black hair are the fabulous and sophisticated styles that can be good for any occasion. It can keep your hair out of your face and at the same time will give you the classic look. In fact, French braids are not only suitable for black eyes. It looks good on every hair color. If you want to get this style, there are several variations that you can get. Here are some examples that you cam can consider.

french braids for wavy black hair French Braids for Black Hair Ideas

If you want a simple one, then it is recommended for you to get traditional French braids for black hair. This is perfect for those who have black hair since it can look striking with its reflection for the fold and the curve of the braid that can give the geometric look. First, you can skim a ponytail from your hair’s top section in your crown. Begin to plait this ponytail into braid in about an inch. Along with the braiding, you should add the small hair sections from both sides of the braid until it reaches your neck. After that, continue to have a long braid in the length of your hair. The look of your braid depends on the sections you add to the braid. The bigger the sections, the looser it will get and vice versa. To avoid the flyaway or messy look, you can use hairspray to keep it tidy.

french braids styles for black hair French Braids for Black Hair Ideas

Next, there is variation called braids in a braid. This is the style that has micro braids. To get this style, you should braid in small section in the crown to get the separated hair strands. Make the basic French braids. Next, braid the braided sections that you have just made before you mix them in one main braid. When it is done, the macro braid will lay vertically while the micro braids lay in horizontal in both sides. Next, you can consider half up French braid. This is the kind of French braid that has loose style that looks half style in curls. First, start to braid your hair in basic French braid until your ear’s top and pin it with hair clip. Last, curl the rest of the hair length. This can be the sweet French braids for black hair.

 french braids for wedding black hair French Braids for Black Hair Ideas

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