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Flower Girls Updo Hairstyles for Simple and Cute Look

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by nissa

Flower girls updo hairstyles should be done as cute as possible. It does not always take a professional to do your little girl’s hair. You can also do the simple yet cute hairstyles right at home. It will only take at least 10 minutes to do the entire process. In fact, when choosing the right updo, it is important for you to consider the type and the length of the hair. Long hair is easier to style since the choices for hairstyles are more various. Thinking that braids and twists are boring? Well, think again. You just do not know yet what variations you can make with only the simple twists and braids. Here are some ideas for you to get inspired.

flower girls wedding updo hairstyles Flower Girls Updo Hairstyles for Simple and Cute Look

Braided bun is too simple? Then you can consider doing the knotted bun. The idea is simple in fact. You can start to knot the ponytail and wrap it around the back of the head and make a combo. This idea is perfect for the long haired girls. Do you want to get something simpler? Get the looped hair updo. You can also add the floral hairpiece to make your girl look even sweeter. Another variation for braided hair is micro braids. It is actually a rolled up and floated braids that wrap around the bun. It may look complicated, but it is indeed not that hard as simple flower girls updo hairstyles.

flower girls updo hairstyles with tiara Flower Girls Updo Hairstyles for Simple and Cute Look

If you want something unique, then you can consider having heart-shaped updo for your little girl. This beautiful hairstyle consists of twisted hair that combines together in heart shape. This hairstyle is suitable for romantic event, especially wedding. Using basic bun is also an option if you do not have much time. You can let loose the remaining hair and style it curlier in the bottom. You can also use feather braiding to enhance the basic bun. Adding hairpieces is actually not necessary. However, if you think that it would enhance the look, tiara and floral hair pins can be the best choice. You can get the steps of those flower girls updo hairstyles on some how-to videos.

flower girls updo hairstyles braids Flower Girls Updo Hairstyles for Simple and Cute Look

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