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Emo Blonde Highlights Brown Hair for Feminine Girls

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by nissa

Emo blonde highlights brown hair style is perfect for those who are into emo style yet still want to look feminine. Keep in mind that having emo style does not mean that you have to look boyish or rebellious. You still can look mysteriously gorgeous with your girly look. Having black hair is not a must. In fact, you can color your hair lighter or let it just in its natural color. You just have to add some highlights to make it more appealing.

emo blonde highlights natural brown hair Emo Blonde Highlights Brown Hair for Feminine Girls

First, it is your hair that you should notice. Make sure that you do not cut your hair short. At least keep it in shoulder length. It is even better if you have fringe bangs, because it will cover and frame your part of your face. You should also get the long layers and make them short in your facial area. For those who have thin hair, it is recommended to use the hair products that can increase the volume of the hair. For those who have wavy and normal hair, you can apply any shampoo and straightening hair products. If the hair is damaged, do not forget to use conditioned and moisturizing shampoo. This kind of hair product will maintain your hair’s health, especially if you color it with emo blonde highlights brown hair.

emo blonde highlights brown hair style Emo Blonde Highlights Brown Hair for Feminine Girls

Having a brown hair as the undertone is as great as having black hair. Adding blonde highlights in brown is quite challenging, in fact. It is because there are many shades and tones of blonde, and you have to pick one of them based on your skin tone and the shades of your brown hair. Light brown hair will always work best with strawberry blonde highlights. On the contrary, dark brown hair looks nice if you combine it with platinum blonde. If you want to look a bit different by not styling your hair too straight like stereotypically emo has, you can also style it in wavy look or tease it. For wavy look, make sure that you leave the fringe bangs straight, while for tease look, teased bangs is better for emo blonde highlights brown hair style.

emo blonde tones highlights brown hair Emo Blonde Highlights Brown Hair for Feminine Girls

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