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Deep Red Hair and the Skin Tones

Tuesday, 9 July 2013, 15:44 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 5490 Times
by nissa

Deep red hair inevitably is the sexy hair color for women. Red, as you may have known, is the color that represents the sexy and attractive look. However, there are many kinds of red, besides the deep red itself. That is why it is important for you to choose the right red for your skin tone. It is because not every red can blend with any skin tone. Before you dye your hair in this sexy color, you should know your skin tone first and get to know which kind of red that is suitable for you.

deep red hair color Deep Red Hair and the Skin Tones

If you want more natural looking red with subtle shade, and you have the pale skin tone, then strawberry red is the best color for you. Keep in mind that dark and deep red hair is not suitable for skin tone since it will wash out the skin. If you have medium skin tone, then medium shade of red will be perfect for you. Auburn is the great choice. Just make sure that it is not too dark. You can add the lowlights in darker shade to get more natural look of red. If you have olive skin tone, then cooler shades of red, like burgundy, is the best choice. Make sure that you do not apply light red that is too bright, like bright auburn or strawberry shade. Deep mahogany red is also the great shade for olive skin tone.

deep red hair dye Deep Red Hair and the Skin Tones

If your natural hair is not red, you should know that the certain shade of red will give you the certain effect and look on your natural hair. In fact, your entire look will play a great role in the effect you will get from the new red hair color. A lighter and bit warmer red than the natural shade of yours will illuminate your face with a sweet glow. If your natural hair is brunette, you can apply ruby red color. This shade is attractive and eye catching. If you have green eyes and fair complexions, you can try orange tone to get the fabulous look. The engine red as the opposite of deep red hair is perfect for blue eyes and light skin.

deep red hair with blonde highlights Deep Red Hair and the Skin Tones

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