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Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Ideas

Tuesday, 2 July 2013, 11:55 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 6472 Times
by nissa

Dark brown hair with highlights is the perfect combination if you want to change your style. When it comes to hair coloring, you should also consider the length of hair. And for highlights, there are several kinds of highlights for you to know, they are foil highlights, hair painting, frosting, and chunking. If you want to choose the color of highlights, you can choose between natural and not ones. Or, you can also choose the period. There are temporary highlights, semi-permanent, and permanent. If you choose the permanent one, then make sure that your hair has been lightened by bleach.

dark brown hair with highlights all over Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Ideas

Now, you can get some highlights examples for your inspiration. Copper highlight is quite popular if you ask. The combination of purple, copper, and blonde can be the multi-colored highlights in your dark hair. Want something more unique? Why do not you use blonde and red combination? You can highlight your dark hair with that combination in the lower part of your hair. Violet highlight is also great. Violet is a color that can blend perfectly with dark colored hair. Dark brown with highlights in this color is great for those who have short and straight hair.

dark brown hair with highlights pale skin Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Ideas

On the contrary, if you are uncomfortable with those amazed looks on you, you can opt for calmer and more natural highlights. Natural blonde highlight can be the great choice. If you have the straight hair, you can add some streaks of blonde as the highlight. Just make sure that you do not apply the too-bright blonde color. Ash brown is another option. The mixture of two shades of brown will make your hair look classy and elegant. You can color your hair with ash brown highlights in the front side and make it lighter as your hair reaches the end. You can style your hair with curly style at the bottom as well. Or, light brown as another brown shade option is also fine. This combination is suitable for those who have light curls. It is because the light brown can be highlighted in your lower hair. Those are the basic ideas for highlights. You can explore more color for dark brown hair with highlights.

dark brown hair with highlights and lowlights Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Ideas

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