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by Nida

Guys/men/boys have curly hair? Don’t be insecure and less confident. Instead now it curls even get the lucky especially for artists such as musicians and actors. Just look at the many celebrities men, both local and foreign happy to show off the uniqueness of Curly Hairstyles for Men. Naturally curly hair, consisting of a wavy shape, to resemble per spiral. Indeed, in terms of care, curly hair costing more than straight but it also depends on the size and style hair is worn.

Various models of Curly Hairstyles for Men at a time, mostly referring to the celebrity black (negro). This is because most of their natural hair is curly. Moreover, already thousands of years ago their ancestors already had a distinctive style for curly hair. Then comes the rasta hairstyles (dreads), afro, up to cornrow. Today many alternative models of haircuts that could be applied to the owner of curly hair. Start from curly until straight hairstyles. Want to look neat or random is up to you. The important thing is suitable with the personality, origin, type face, and your environment.

But don’t worry. Although curly hair is more difficult to set up, because it is more oily and stiff but that does not mean you can not be stylish with the hair. These tips to help keep you stylish with Curly Hairstyles for Men:

Short Curly
There are many short hairstyles that you can try, such as short buzz, faux hawk or a bit mohawk if you are confident enough. This style will make your hair stands out. Curly level each person is different, consider the extension where your hair begin curly and cut hair with the short style short just before it.

short curly hairstyles for men CURLY HAIRSTYLES FOR MEN 2013

Medium Curly
Instead of hiding your curly hair, why not you try to let it loose unraveled, and a bit messy like Josh Groban? Medium curly haircut allow you an unraveled and creates its own uniqueness. It is rather impressed messy but secured that it’s good looking.

medium curly hairstyles for men2 CURLY HAIRSTYLES FOR MEN 2013

Long and Curly
Let your Curly hair grows and lengthwise requires self-confidence and a high enough level of indifferent. You should be aware that hair style will impress you don’t care about their appearance. But with the right support from the way you dress, the long Curly hair will give a precise characterization. You can imitate the style of Lenny Kravitz in this regard.

long curly hairstyles for men1 CURLY HAIRSTYLES FOR MEN 2013

Have curly hair does not mean doom. With proper execution and styling, curly hair can actually be creative strong characters in your personality.

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