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Colored Hair Brown Streaks Blue for Temporary Look

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by nissa

Colored hair brown streaks blue in some quick steps? It is not impossible. If you are craving for the new edgy look for your dark hair, it is the time for you to experiment with some bright colors. Dark colored hair is great to be matched with any color. No need to spend much time to hire hair stylist and colorist. Get the temporary highlights for your hair easily. Just look at your make up kit. Be creative. Do you think that eye shadow cream or gel is just only for your eyelids? Think again.

colored hair light brown streaks blue Colored Hair Brown Streaks Blue for Temporary Look

First, you should choose the eye shadows cream based, liquid, or gel. In fact, it is not only eye shadows, but also bright eye liners can also be the best substitution. Do not forget to choose the shadows or liners that have high pigment. Do not ever try powder eye shadows since it will not work out. Next, you should choose the color. If you want to experiment with the color, not just plain blue, you can combine some eye shadows cream, some eyeliners gel, or some shadows liquid. Keep in mind that those makeup tools do not have to be the expensive or branded ones. The average range makeup tools are enough to get colored hair brown streaks blue.

colored hair dark brown streaks blue Colored Hair Brown Streaks Blue for Temporary Look

Next, it is the time for your hair. Choose the section in your hair to be colored. You can color your hair until the end. If you want to get the ombre look or tie-dye effect, you can use the different colors or shades in the same hair’s section. You can experiment with color since the choices are endless. Please remember to clean your hands before you apply the new color. Voila! Your new hair is ready. You can start to style it, whether make a bun or let it remain loose. Keep in mind that this coloring technique is meant for temporary highlights. It is not recommended for you to use heat upon your new hair. If you are bored with the colors, you can wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, though your colored hair brown streaks blue may hold for several days before it is completely washed out.

bright colored hair brown streaks blue Colored Hair Brown Streaks Blue for Temporary Look

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