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Color Hair Dye Ideas in Natural Shades

Monday, 1 July 2013, 13:21 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 4369 Times
by nissa

Color hair dye ideas should be made as fun as possible if you want to get the new look and style. If you think that blonde is the best, think again. There are many tones and shades that are waiting to be explored. Natural look for colored hair is the greatest if you do not want to look too bold. Brunette may be the trend, but the combination of black and brown shade will never fail to make you look elegant and stylish at the same time. Keep in mind that being fun does not mean to be extreme. In fact, it is all about enhancing the look, not creating the extreme style. Combining two shades and tones of natural color is great.

color hair dye ideas for straight hair Color Hair Dye Ideas in Natural Shades

Beachy brown is perfect for this summer. This is the sandy colored that has brown shades in all over your hair. If you want to check out celebrities with this hair color, go see Emma Watson in her short hair. She dyed her hair in several shades that are actually lighter than the natural hair color of hers. Moreover, the shades and color are blended and matched perfectly with the highlights. Caramel brown can also be the best in color hair dye ideas. It is when the base of hair is colored brown while golden highlights are added to illuminate the whole look. The highlights can be added from the face area to the bottom of hair. You can make it lighter gradually from top to bottom.

cool color hair dye ideas Color Hair Dye Ideas in Natural Shades

Honey brown is another great brunette. This is the color that combines brown and blonde at the same time. Keep in mind that this color is not suitable for all girls. You should wear enough make up and have less fair skin with big features to look good in honey brown. However, if you want to apply this look, you can get your hair colored in natural medium brown and add gold and honey highlights. With still many things to explore in natural hair colors, now you know that natural shades combination is the great color hair ideas to apply.

color hair dye ideas for brown hair Color Hair Dye Ideas in Natural Shades

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