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Caramel Highlights Short Hair Combinations

Thursday, 25 July 2013, 11:10 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 4369 Times
by nissa

Caramel highlights short hair can remind you of many popular celebrities, like Audrey Hepburn. It is great for you if you have brown natural hair, or you dyed your hair in brown. It is because caramel and brown color is the great combination for distinguished look. In fact, caramel highlights can be matched in any hair length. However, if you have short hair and you do not have any idea how to highlight your hair in caramel, here are some ideas that you can get.

caramel highlights short black hair Caramel Highlights Short Hair Combinations

First of all, you should know that there are some color tones that can be suited to your tone. Brown as the hair color has golden highlight undertone, that if you combine with caramel, it will give the shining effect. Having short to medium curly hair is perfect. You can highlight on your swirly locks in caramel tone. Let your curls bounce freely on your shoulder and it will be the formal hairstyle in any occasion. You can also get the layered hairstyle and combine it with caramel tones. Highlight your layered hair around your face to help illuminating the face. For those who have straight and sleek hair, you can get caramel highlights short hair in streaks on your deep brown locks.

caramel highlights on short brown hair Caramel Highlights Short Hair Combinations

Next, why do not you go ombre? You can let the top of your hair have the darker brown while as the hair reaches the bottom, the brown gets lighter until it gets the caramel tone you want. This will make you look shiny. If you prefer to have fringe bangs, then you can highlight your bangs in caramel highlights, while the entire hair still has its natural color. Speaking of natural color, keep in mind that caramel highlights do not have to be match with brown only, but it can also be fit in black hair. Caramel tone, which is the light shade, is perfect when combined with darker tone since it will give the contrast look. The more contrast it look, the more extreme your hair will be. That is why if you want to keep it natural, caramel highlights short hair usually combined with brown that has almost the same tone with caramel.

caramel highlights short hair style Caramel Highlights Short Hair Combinations

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