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Business Haircut Styles for Men Formal and Preppy Look

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by nissa

Business haircut styles for men have to be formal and appropriate when wearing every single day to work. You should find one that can represent your personality and at the same time show to the world that you are a neat and well-maintained man. In fact, there are many variations and ideas that you can choose. Here are some best ones that you can apply. Getting  groomed hair but not too uptight is great. You should make sure that your hair looks clean, so you need to was your hair with a lightweight shampoo daily. When it comes to styling, you need pomade a bit. If you have grey hair and want to cover it up, you need opalescent pomade that will enhance your natural hair color. Make sure that you get a regular trim every 3-4 weeks.

business long haircut styles for men Business Haircut Styles for Men Formal and Preppy Look

If you want to look a bit casual in your formal daily wear, you can get this casual business haircut styles for men. You just have wash your hair every single day to promote the natural oil of your hair, not only to moisturize your hair but also to weigh the hair down. Next, you can apply hair wax to handle your frizzy hair yet not make it too glossy and shiny. When it comes to the maintenance, you can get the regular trim every 4-5 weeks. Creative haircut is also something nice to wear to your work day. To get this style, you just have to wash your hair at least 2-3 times a week. Styling cream is all you need to hold your hair and increase the volume at the same time. For the maintenance, you need to ask the barber to layer your hair and it should be trimmed regularly every 7 weeks.

business haircut styles for men 2013 Business Haircut Styles for Men Formal and Preppy Look

Simple hairstyle yet look formal is all you get in army haircut. This is considered as the neatest and tidiest men haircut. There are some variations of army based on its length. If you want it to be very short, then you can consider having a crew cut. For longer style, fade haircut is also great. Army business haircut styles for men like those aforementioned need low maintenance and should be trimmed more frequent.

business haircut styles for men ideas Business Haircut Styles for Men Formal and Preppy Look

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