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Burgundy Hair Color and How to Get It

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by nissa

Burgundy hair color is also known as deep red. As a redhead, you may have known that this is the beautiful color that will make people turn their heads on you. For those who have other hair colors and want to look elegant and chic in burgundy, here are some steps that you can take to get this beautiful hair color. In fact, burgundy has become the combination of not only deep red, but also purple, brown, black, and red. And the great thing about burgundy is, this is the shade that is easy to get if you have dark hair. And it is quite challenging if you have lighter hair. However, that does not mean that is is impossible to get burgundy. Here are some ways to color your lighter hair to burgundy.

burgundy hair color extensions Burgundy Hair Color and How to Get It

If you have blonde hair, then it is a bit risky to dye your hair in burgundy since many people ended up in lighter purple color that only hurts people’s eyes. That is why beforehand you should dye your hair in a red-red hair color. You can also dye your hair first in natural brown shade. It depends on how deep you want the burgundy look. Brown shade is perfect if you do not want to look the burgundy not too deep. It is even easier if you have dark blonde. However, if you try to find, there are some hair coloring products that provide blonde burgundy hair color. This is the kind of blonde with violet or red undertones.

burgundy hair color loreal Burgundy Hair Color and How to Get It

If you have medium to dark brown, and it is actually a dyed hair, not the natural one, then it is good news for you since that hair color is easy to go burgundy. You just have to choose from these shades; chocolate cherry, deep cherry brown, brown plum, deep burgundy, dark burgundy brown, black cherry, and violet soft black in different hair coloring products. You can get the lighter or darker burgundy based on the coloring product you choose. No need to visit the salon since you can do it right at your home. In a blink of an eye, you will get burgundy hair color easily.

burgundy hair color revlon Burgundy Hair Color and How to Get It

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