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Brunette Bob Asian Hairstyles in Various Styles

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by nissa

Brunette bob Asian hairstyles are often related to those who have oval face. As you may have known, oval face have more flexible hair cuts. When it comes to the color, Asian naturally have black hair. However, most of them would love to dye their hair. Remembering the fact that their skin tone is different from Caucasian, it is way more difficult for them to find the right hair color beside black but at the same time can be matched with their skin tone. Brunette is one of the few colors that can look best in Asian.

best brunette asian bob hairstyles Brunette Bob Asian Hairstyles in Various Styles

For the cut itself, you may have seen many styles in Asian’s hair in the movies. Dead straight hair is the common view in hair of Asian. That is why bob seems to be the right cut for you. Bob, when being combined with straight hair, can be cute. There are many styles of bob that you can try. For instance, chin length bob with fringe is nice. This cut can be the perfect choice for those who have round face since it can frame your facial features perfectly. Classic bob with side swept bangs is also great. Classic bob includes round inward style. It means that you have to blow dry your hair using big round brush to get this brunette bob Asian hairstyles.

brunette asian bob hairstyles 20131 Brunette Bob Asian Hairstyles in Various Styles

Asymmetrical cut in bob style is awesome if you crave for trendy look. This cut gives you shorter cut in the right side and longer cut in the left. This is the perfect way if you want to be bold. Angled bob is also something that you can try. This cut has longer style in the back and it goes shorter in the front. Do not worry if your hair is not straight. Even if you have curly or wavy hair, you can still look good in bob style as long as you are able to style it. Blow dry is one of the great ways to style your bob. And for the coloring, do not forget to use hair products to maintain your brunette bob Asian hairstyle.

brunette asian bob hairstyles ideas Brunette Bob Asian Hairstyles in Various Styles

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