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Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Combination

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by nissa

Brown hair with blonde highlights is the great way for you if you want to change your style and look glamorous. You should know that changing your hair color can give the illusion, such as adding the extra volume and make it look thicker and denser. Nevertheless, the quite challenging part is when you pick the color. It is because there are many shades, whether it is the natural ones or the artificial shades. They may look alike yet still give different effect on different skin tone. The most important thing is you should blend the light and dark shade that can match perfectly with any kind of hair color. For instance, blonde highlights are perfect for brown hair. There are many variations and ideas to match brown and blonde.

bown hair with blonde higlights pinterest Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Combination

Bronde is the new trend when it comes to hair color nowadays. It is actually not the exact blonde highlights, but the perfect mixture of blonde and brown as a hair color will make your look stylish. If you want to get brown hair with blonde highlights, not just bronde, you can try to have trendy blonde highlights. It is the silky and smooth hair that includes the waves. The blonde highlights are added from the root to the tip, not just in the curls of the waves. This will give the sophisticated look. If you want smoother blending, you can try to have playful style with blonde highlights. This requires the wavy and long hair, while the blonde highlights are blended to the brown in all over hair.

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Next, maybe you can try slender blonde highlights. This is the slight highlights that include the loose wavy brown hair in the face area. If you want to look like Taylor Swift in her gorgeous hair, maybe you can try elegant highlights. This is the highlight that has honey shade that mix through the dark chocolate brown. This combination is perfect for those who want to have soft hair color. Do not forget to complete this look with vibrant red lipstick. There are still many shades that you can choose in brown hair with blonde highlights if you want more.

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