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Brown Hair Blonde Streaks Hairstyles

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by Nida

Brown hair blonde streaks are a terrific trick to turn on the light in your hair. Only a few strands of hair are bleached in the same way as the overall bleaching of hair works. Since only a few strands are involved, the process is not quite as hard on your hair. If you like to streak your hair by yourself you should ask a friend to help you with the hair in your back. A second pair of hands is also helpful if your hair is long. Dependent on the application technique, you create many fine streaks (using a streaking cap) or broader light strands (using a brush or applicator). Gradually shaded streaks look particularly appealing. However, creating streaks in various lighter shades requires some practice.

Brown Hair Blonde Streaks 1 Brown Hair Blonde Streaks Hairstyles

When it comes to hair color, women like to experiment with a variety of shades. A new hair color can make you look different overnight. Girls with brown hair can have a makeover with brown hair blonde streaks. A very cool way of creating a new look for your crowning glory is to have some colors added to the tresses. They are quite in-vogue and look attractive too. Moreover, the added advantage of bringing colors in your hair is that they add volume to your hair and make it look dense and thick. However, the big question is the shade of the color to be chosen and this can be a pretty difficult task because there are so many sub shades of a single shade that you get lost in them and all of them seem to appear alike.

Brown Hair Blonde Streaks image Brown Hair Blonde Streaks Hairstyles

The rule of the thumb is to get a mix of dark and light that goes well with all kinds of hair. So, if you have brown hair, go for brown hair blonde streaks. Brown hair blonde streaks looks very beautiful and there are so many hues in the blonde shade that you can try out different styles on your mine.

Brown Hair Blonde Streaks photo Brown Hair Blonde Streaks Hairstyles

Brown Hair Blonde Streaks picture Brown Hair Blonde Streaks Hairstyles

Brown Hair Blonde Streaks tumblr Brown Hair Blonde Streaks Hairstyles

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