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Brown Blonde Hair Is the New Hair Craze

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by nissa

Brown blonde hair is also known as bronde color. This is the trend hair color this year, which was firstly introduced by Gisele Bundchen in 2007. Until these days, this hair color still becomes a popular hair color. The combination of brown and blonde is not actually in highlights, but it is the blending and mix color perfectly. There are many streaks of blonde highlights. This summer, you can lighten up your hair a bit with bronde. Having dark locks is great. However, who can resist this hair craze? There are many celebrities who proudly have this hair color, like Jennifer Lopez.

brown blonde hair dye Brown Blonde Hair Is the New Hair Craze

Why you should have brown blonde hair when platinum blonde and brunette are popular? It is because this hair color will make you look like after soaking up the sun on the beach. If you want to color your hair in bronde by yourself, then you should paint several layers of top hair pieces. The recommended painter is crA?mes that can lift the hair volume. This technique can get you the beach look with many dimensions and volume. However, it is not recommended to dye your hair bronde by yourself unless you are a professional colorist. It is because this hair coloring is quite complicated since it is not the usual highlights or dye. The common technique that is used is balayage. After you get your hair bronde, you should get massage for hair once in a week.

brown blonde hair extensions Brown Blonde Hair Is the New Hair Craze

If you want to get the natural look in bronde color, if this is not your natural hair base, it is important for you to strip away your natural hair color completely. If you dyed your hair in dark color to conceal the gray hair, you should use bleaching to permanently remove the dark colors. When choosing the blonde for the mixture, you can choose one from the widely range shades, like platinum blonde, golden blonde, honey blonde, strawberry blonde, and many more. In the process of chemical, the dark color in your hair will be removed to get the lighter tones. Sometimes you may need a toner to be applied after coloring the hair to get the real brown blonde hair.

brown blonde hair highlights Brown Blonde Hair Is the New Hair Craze

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