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Bright Purple Hair Dye Color Ideas

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by Nida

Recently celebrities more often choose bright purple hair dye so you will not be the first to wear such funky hairstyle. Purple hair color can be chosen as the one for block coloring or as highlight color so let’s start from block coloring. Bright purple that is close to black will not look so edgy so you can easily wear it without feeling uncomfortable.

beautiful bright purple hair dye Bright Purple Hair Dye Color Ideas

Bright purple hair dye look really hot and daring but such color is of high maintenance. Rich pigmented colors tend to fade quickly and you should go for touch ups every two weeks. On the other hand, you can add purple highlights to natural hair that will look as sexy as block colored hair. Paneling or chunky highlighting will be more suitable. At last, if you are looking for ethereal and glamorous look, go for pastel violet hair color. In order to get this effect you should first bleach hair, then pick suitable shade and mix with conditioner. The result should be pale purple.

bright purple hair dye image Bright Purple Hair Dye Color Ideas

One of the most popular and chic purple hair style ideas is the combination of various tones into a single hairdo. The lighter tones fused with the darker ones will create a unique appearance. Choose this variation if you would like to experiment with a multitude of tones and find the one that really flatters both your skin tone and hair texture. Juggle with the layers, levels and shades to achieve your goal of sporting a personalized hairdo. Pay special attention to regular touch-ups, the similar vivid tones will need a constant conditioning and styling in order to maintain their initial and spotless effect. Contact a professional hair stylist to make sure you chose the right tone and coloration method.

bright purple hair dye tumblr photo Bright Purple Hair Dye Color Ideas

Futuristic hair style fans can also experiment with the smashing contrasts of bright purple hair dye. In this case, the peroxide or platinum blonde strands are brightened up with a color patch on the various layers of the hairdo. Choose to sport your highlights either on the lower levels or on the crown area. These dyed sections will add definition and a boost of volume to the hair regardless of the texture. Indeed, sleek strands will serve as the quintessential means to create a similarly artful masterpiece. However, curls and wavy locks are just as perfect for the dramatic makeover. Feel free to live out your chromatic fantasies with a similar hair dressing option.

bright purple hair dye tumblr Bright Purple Hair Dye Color Ideas

emo bright purple hair dye Bright Purple Hair Dye Color Ideas

girl bright purple hair dye Bright Purple Hair Dye Color Ideas

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