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Bride Hairstyles Flower Ideas

Monday, 22 July 2013, 14:49 | Wedding hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 2300 Times
by nissa

Bride hairstyles flower usually include fresh or fake flowers. You can even use the floral hair accessories to enhance your style. However, no matter what kind of flowers you choose, it is important for you to choose the hairdo. If you want to get the romantic look, maybe you should consider the boho updo. It is the style that combines low bun and classic French braids. This is also considered as the messy hairstyle since it does not require super sleek and straight hair. You can put the flowers in the bun and secure it with bobby pins.

bride hairstyles flower for long hair Bride Hairstyles Flower Ideas

If you want to get the hairstyle down, you should let your hair hang naturally and fall into the right place. Make sure that there is no flyaway that can damage the whole look of your natural hair. You should choose the large sized flowers, commonly white, and put it right behind your ear. Or, you can simply tuck the flowers in your ears. It is also good if you pin the hair in the side top of your hair. Orange rose is the perfect flower for this since the vibrant tone will attract the attention. Bride hairstyles flower can also include the headband that is accessorized with floral accents.

bride hairstyles flower 2013 Bride Hairstyles Flower Ideas

Braided hair can also be combined with flowers. You should try waterfall braids that can look good with both natural and fake flowers. You can put one huge flower in your back of head and secure it with bobby pins, or you can put the smaller flowers along the braids. Or, you can twist your hair from both sides and meet them in the back by securing them with flowers. The flowers itself should be secured with bobby pins. To make it simpler, you can get the fishtail braids on one side and let the braid fall down through your neck and shoulder. Put the flowers in each gap of braids. Or, let it be the classic French braid in the back of your head and add the flower accents along the braid. When it comes to the flower, pink rose is the common choice in those bride hairstyles flower.

bride hairstyles flower for short hair Bride Hairstyles Flower Ideas

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