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Bridal Hair for Long Hair: Get Inspired

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by nissa

Bridal hair for long hair ideas is numerous. Long hair can be done in many updos and styles. Hairstyle is something important for every bride on her special day. You should know that every style and updo has certain look. Mostly brides will also complete their hairstyles with head pieces. No matter if you want to add the head pieces or not, you just have to focus on the style. Some styles are so simple that you do not have to hire the expensive hair stylist to do your hair. Yet, those simple styles will never fail to make you look elegant and stunning on your wedding day. Here are some ideas that you can get.

bridal hair ideas for long hair Bridal Hair for Long Hair: Get Inspired

If you have straight hair, you can style it with iron curler and make it a bit wavy at the bottom. Make the curly tousled loosely. After that, twist the hair from the middle half back of your head. This will give you the natural look and elegant at the same time. The twisted and soft twist hair is actually the popular style for romantic event. For more luxurious look in modern wedding, braided hair is the best way. What kind of braid? Make sure that you braid your hair loosely and messily. Side braided messy hair is perfect for vintage and dramatic look in bridal hair for long hair.

bridal hair updos for long hair Bridal Hair for Long Hair: Get Inspired

For the cute style, princess look is always great. Waterfall style should be the first option. Twist braiding in your back head will suit your elegant yet simple wedding dress. If you want to add head pieces, you can apply floral head pieces in your hair. You should pin flower, whether it is fresh or fake, right above your ear. The flower should be matched with your bouquet as well. Or, just keep your hair loose and simple and add elegant floral hair pieces. Commonly, hair pieces for wedding day are completed with elegant headband, crystals, glass beads, white ribbon, and such. If you still need more, you can consult with a stylist to get the best simple yet elegant bridal hair for long hair.

bridal hair for long straight hair Bridal Hair for Long Hair: Get Inspired

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