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Boy Facade Haircuts at Home

Monday, 29 July 2013, 10:58 | Men Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 6003 Times
by nissa

Boy façade haircuts have become popular among men. For the style, it is actually the haircut that has short hair in the bottom that gets longer as the hair reaches the head top. In fact, you can save your money more by getting this haircut right at your home by getting the help from your friend. Sometimes, people get unsatisfied when they get this haircut on the barbershop due to the layer that was cut in unattractive lines because of the changes of clippers guard size. Here are the steps that you can get if you want to get this haircut at home.

white boy facade haircuts Boy Facade Haircuts at Home

First, you should get your own clippers in set. Keep in mind that the best clippers for this haircut need minimal 5 different sizes of guard. Next, before you use the blades, oil them. Do not forget to read the instructions carefully. The oil may be mineral oil virgin olive oil, and baby oil. Next, start to cut your hair top. When you use the clippers, you should know that the higher the guard number, the longer cuts it gets for your hair. It means that you can use the guard size as you like to cut the sides and the top to get boy façade haircuts.

soulja boy fade haircuts Boy Facade Haircuts at Home

The most important part is, you should determine the fade line. The line that you put will determine the transitions of your hair. The hair should wrap your hair from one side to another in certain length. It goes from ear to ear. When determining the face lines, you should know that it does not have to go across your back head straightly. You can also have multiple fade lines. And the fade line position depends on your personal taste. There is no strict rule to determine the position. Now, pick the guard size of the clippers to get the fade line. To get the tight and high military cut, you can do your fade line in guard size number 1. Move the clippers along and across your fade line. Last, you should use trimmers to keep the edges clean. Now, you have the attractive boy façade haircuts.

 Boy Facade Haircuts at Home

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