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Blue Hair Color Ideas for Unique Style

Tuesday, 9 July 2013, 13:31 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 5245 Times
by nissa

Blue hair color ideas are suitable for those who want to get unique look and are expressive enough to look different. You should know that blue hair is actually not so new. In fact, people have been using it as a trend for many years. However, in the past years not so many people will be glad to color their hair blue because of technique reason. Now, when the technique of coloring has been modern, you can go blue as the fun variations for your boring routine. You can wear it temporarily or you can dye your hair blue that last longer.

black and blue hair color ideas Blue Hair Color Ideas for Unique Style

Having the hair blue does not mean that you dye your hair completely in blue. The blue color can be a shade or highlights that can be combined with natural colors or the other bold colors. Pale blue shades hair is one of the blue hair color ideas that you should consider. This blue shade can be the great contrast for brunette or dark colored hair. Or, it is also fine if you have light blue since it will look fabulous in wavy and messy look. You can also style your hair in some twists to get the fresh look. This technique can be categorized as ombre, in fact. For more unique look, you can also try multi-colored style. It will look flattering if you combine light blue, dark blue, purple, and magenta together.

dark blue hair color ideas Blue Hair Color Ideas for Unique Style

Peek-a-boo style is another great look. It is when your hair has the blue hues under one specific shade. For example, platinum shades will look good as the base for light blue, while blonde hair can be combined with darker blue to get the subtle and contrast look. This peek-a-book style needs layered hair. Angled bobs style is one of the great examples. Before you decide to dye your hair blue, keep in mind that blue can be matched in any eye color and skin tone. However, the shades have different effect. For instance, dark blue is nice with fair skin and light blue will work with dark skin. Blue streaks in blue hair color ideas can also give you subtle look.

blue hair color ideas men Blue Hair Color Ideas for Unique Style

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