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Blonde with Brown Underneath Hair and How to Get It

Tuesday, 16 July 2013, 11:20 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 4928 Times
by nissa

Blonde with brown underneath is considered as the two-tone hair color that has become a new trend. This is the kind of transformation you really need if you want to change your usual daily style. Why is this perfect? It is because this coloring is not too edgy yet still attractive. If you are not confident enough to go extreme but want to look good, you can color your hair in blonde on the top and get the darker color, like mousy brown underneath. If you have got accustomed with your new hair, then you can darken the layers in the hair bottom until you get the contrast between the top and the bottom.

blonde with brown underneath hair Blonde with Brown Underneath Hair and How to Get It

To get this style, first you have to color your hair in the brown tone you need by the color stripper. After the recommended time, you can rinse the hair to wash away the stripper. Next, wash the hair by the recommended hair products and dry it. After that, you should wait for about 4 days before you start to proceed with the new shade to get blonde with brown underneath. Do not forget to care and maintain your hair in those days by using oil treatment and conditioned. Keep in mind that your hair requires extra care before it is applied with another dye. After 4 days, you can place the hair you want to dye blonde into one section and pin it at the top of your hair. 

blonde with brown underneath hairstyles Blonde with Brown Underneath Hair and How to Get It

Next, the rest hair that is not pinned up in the top of your hair can be brushed in the darker shade. After a while, you can rinse the hair, but still leave the pinned up hair clipped. After the time recommended by the manufacturer has passed, you can start to rinse your pinned up hair. Keep rinsing until the water gets clean. And now after you get that hair color you want, do not forget to buy the recommended hair products that can maintain your new color. Your hair has been applied with chemical substances, which means that you have to give extra care for your blonde with brown underneath hair.

blonde with brown underneath short hair Blonde with Brown Underneath Hair and How to Get It

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