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Blonde Ombre Hair Celebrities Inspirations

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by nissa

Blonde ombre hair is the new trend, yes. So are you going to be part of that crowd who wears ombre hair? If so, then there are some things that you should know as the do’s and don’ts . First, make sure that you bring along the pictures of your inspiration to your colorist. It will never work if you explain verbally to your colorist about which color that you really want for your hair. Let the colorist see the pictures. Next, consider the texture and type of your hair before you go ombre. And ombre needs medium to long hair. It should be at least shoulder length, because shorter hair cut will not work with ombre.

blonde ombre hair extensions Blonde Ombre Hair Celebrities Inspirations

Now, start to find your inspiration. Going completely ombre may be good, but do not you think that it is a bit boring? You can get the inspiration from Amber Le Bon. She has managed to get the blonde ombre color that is combined with silver streaks. Or, maybe you want to look like Jessica Alba? She has the sun-kissed effect hair color in the bottom of her hair from the mid-length. This will complement your glowing skin and can be the best summer hair color. Having long wavy hair means you can get your inspiration from J.Lo. She has ombre curls that is also completed with slick and shine finish. This blonde ombre hair is applied with serum or hair oil.

blonde ombre hair color tumblr Blonde Ombre Hair Celebrities Inspirations

Anna Kendrick’s hair will also give you the elegant look. She has subtle color with her dip dye. The ombre has fade-out look that makes her look chic. Having Lea Michelle means you get the golden shade from the mid-length to the bottom of your locks while the roots have the dip dye. You can also combine sunny effect highlight with beautiful brunette just like Whitney Port. You can even do the hairstyle like her, with side swept curls that will never fail to make any woman look chic. Nicola Roberts has two-tone look in tangerine and golden in her ombre hair. Those celebrities have the best blonde ombre hair that is worth your consideration.

blonde ombre hair kit Blonde Ombre Hair Celebrities Inspirations

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