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Blonde Highlight on Black Hair for New Look

Thursday, 27 June 2013, 12:31 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 4501 Times
by nissa

Blonde highlight on black hair is the new trend to enhance your look. You should know that dark colored hair can be matched with any color as the highlight since black , or the other dark colors, are neutral. The challenging part is, if you do not find the right color with the right tone, the highlight may not be seen since light colors, like blonde, usually blend with dark colors. The good news is you can do the highlighting by yourself right at your home. It does not need a professional to get this new look. Here are some simple steps for you to follow.

black blond scene hair Blonde Highlight on Black Hair for New Look

If your natural hair is not dark, then you should dye the hair completely in black. Keep in mind that rinse color is better than permanent color for dying hair since permanent color will blend with the blonde that you want to highlight. On the other hand, the rinse color will make the natural look once you add the blonde as the highlight. Blonde highlight on black hair looks greater in rinse colored hair. After you rinsing the hair, you can comb it. Next, you should place the highlight cap. It is the cap with little holes for the hair. You should divide your hair into several strands and pull them into the holes. This is the challenging part, so you have to be careful when you pull your hair in every strand into the holes.

long extensions blonde highlights Blonde Highlight on Black Hair for New Look

After that, you should use the rubber glove to mix your hair. Still wearing the cap, you should start to bleach the stranded hair that is pulled out of the cap. Keep the bleaching on in your hair based on the directions stated. After several times, you can wash the stranded and bleached hair. Make sure you use the recommended shampoo. When washing your hair, you should do it twice before you rinse it. Last, add the blonde bleaching with the brush applicator to the hair strips that come through the cap before you rinse. After everything has been done, you can put off the cap and apply the conditioner for after -coloring. Rinse the hair once again and dry it. Now, the blonde highlight on black hair is ready to style.

Black To Blonde Hair 2 Blonde Highlight on Black Hair for New Look


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