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Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup Tips

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by nissa

Blonde hair blue eyes people are considered as the perfect kind of race. It is because the combination of blonde and blue eyes is closely related to beauty. No wonder if many girls would do anything to have this rare combination. If you are lucky enough to have this naturally, then you should be able to focus your upsides and enhance them. One of the best ways to enhance your great look is by using makeup. Here are the recommended makeup tips for you.

blonde hair blue eyes ruby red lips Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup Tips

First, eye shadow is a must to enhance your blue eyes. Keep in mind that blonde hair blue eyes will look perfect in metallic and warm eye shadows. Make sure that you avoid the shadows that are too dark for you since the skin of these bombshell blondes are fair. It is because the dark eye shadows will overwhelm your entire look. You can add the light color as the wash instead. Do not forget to use a peach and sheer eye shadow in all over your eyelids. For the crease, you can apply soft brown or metallic gold. Next, apply eye liner. It is helpful to enhance your blue eyes. Soft brown is the color you should use. Avoid black eye liner since it will make you look harsh.

blonde hair blue eyes black people Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup Tips

Bronzer is another kit that you should use. A sparkle of light bronzer will give your blue eyes a perfect glow. When choosing the bronzer, make sure that you opt for the one that is not too orange or dark as well as bronzers containing shimmer or glitter. Apply the bronzer in the facial area where sun would shine on it, like chin, forehead, nose top, and cheekbones. Last, it is your lips that should be noticed. For the lipstick color, do not use the dark or bright color. Instead, you can apply red and bold lipstick that looks perfect in evening event. Keep in mind that red and bold lipstick is not suitable for daily use. You can apply baby pink lipstick of just a lip gloss. Those are the simple yet stunning makeup for blonde hair blue eyes women.

blonde hair blue eyes actresses Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Makeup Tips

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