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Black Women Natural Short Hair Curly and Voluminous Hair

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by nissa

Black women natural short hair is actually different from the Caucasian women. It is because naturally African American women have curly hair that tends to get frizz and dried easily. There are some hairstyles that you should use in order to get rid of your frizzy and dry hair. Short hair means down hairstyle. It is actually the easiest way to handle your hair. However, down hairstyle does not mean that you do not need anything at all to tame your hair. In fact, it is recommended for you to use the moisturizing conditioner to moist your dry hair. Or, you can use hairspray to make your hair look sleek and neat.

black women natural short hair ideas Black Women Natural Short Hair Curly and Voluminous Hair

Afro is the most common black women natural short hair. If you are OK with over-voluminous hair in tight curls style, then this is the best for you. However, you can decrease the volume by cutting your hair very short. You can also consider having layer cuts in your face area. Having curly hair is awesome. Let your natural curls bounce in your shoulder and get the shiny look. You can apply the shiny wax or other hair products that contains glitter or glossy effect. Wet look conditioner is recommended as well if you want to decrease the volume a bit.

black women natural short hair styles Black Women Natural Short Hair Curly and Voluminous Hair

Next, natural hair fade is also great hairstyle for you. It is true that fade haircut is usually closely associated with men. However, African American women are known with their boyish haircuts that make them look very nice and gorgeous. This is the best style if you have oval and long face. Let your tight curls hair longer in the top and get shorter to the bottom. Next, braiding is the thing that is mostly related with African American women. The braiding a la African American people is known as the neat one. There are many styles that you can get with this braiding. The styles of braiding depend on your personal taste. If you want to get the stylish look that is different from others, you can get the help of the stylists to do unique braiding for black women natural short hair look.black women natural short hair 2013 Black Women Natural Short Hair Curly and Voluminous Hair

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