Black Hair with Blonde Highlights Variations

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by nissa

Black hair with blonde highlights has the great contrast effect if you want to get the edgy look. Get some streaks layers of you can have the blonde chunk. No matter what styles you choose, the combination of black and blonde is the new trend. And this look will change your style into something that makes people always want to put their eyes on you. Besides, changing the style, this combination can also change your facial features since the blonde color can soften them and give the balanced look. Here are some amazing ideas to combine black and blonde.

black hair with blonde highlights Black Hair with Blonde Highlights Variations

Having straight and long hair with side swept bang is a must for this coloring style. This style includes dark blonde, black, and platinum blonde. The entire hair can be colored in dark blonde, while you color your bangs in black with some streaks of platinum blonde. Do you want to get the cuter look? Dye your long and straight hair with black and add a touch of ombre style by adding the platinum blonde highlights from the middle to bottom of your hair. For you who have medium length hair and wavy look, you can try vanity style. It includes golden blonde highlights that blend casually with the black hair color underneath. Thus, you will have black hair with blonde touch.

black hair with blonde underneath Black Hair with Blonde Highlights Variations

For those who have curly and long hair, you can try this classy style. The dyed hair black is combined with streaks of blonde highlights in the curly parts of your hair, which are actually in the bottom. If you want to get razor-cut to overcome your super thick hair, you can have short layers in the area around your face and combine it with black color in the upper to middle part and blonde highlights from middle to lower part. Are you an emo girl? If so, then you may want to get multi colored hair. You can dye your hair black as the base and add several highlights combined with blonde. Bold and neon colors as highlights will look attractive with blonde highlights. Black hair with blonde has many variations indeed, not just two shades paired together.

black hair with blonde streaks Black Hair with Blonde Highlights Variations

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