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Black Fishtail Braids Step Step

Monday, 22 July 2013, 13:23 | Braid Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 2973 Times
by nissa

Black fishtail braids are commonly found on African American women. It is because this hairstyle loosk good and perfect on black hair. However, if you have lighter skin and you want to look beautiful like those African American women, then you can try to get the fishtail braid. Though it looks perfect on black hair, it is also nice on lighter hair. You can upgrade your hairstyle from the basic plait into this kind of braid. Get this stylish look like Angela Simmons, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna.

black fishtail braids hairstyles Black Fishtail Braids Step Step

First, you should part your hair into two same sections right in the center of your head from the front side to the back. Keep in mind that black fishtail braids only need two hair sections, not three like the classic braid. Next, you can begin the braid by securing one section by your right hand and use another hand to get a half inch of hair from the outer section. If you choose the right section first to be done, you should get the small half inch of hair from the outer left section and cross that chunk to the inner right section. You should pick the hair in the area of your ear’s base. Make sure that you pull the sections right from the hair root when you cross it.

black fishtail braids on black women Black Fishtail Braids Step Step

Next, after you are done with one section, you can move to another section and repeat those instructions aforementioned but use another hand. Rest assured that you add the tiny sections and cross it till you get to very bottom of your hair. Last, secure the braid by the elastic rubber hair. To get the loose and messy look, you can pull on your braid. It is actually fine if the layers fall out of your braid since it will give you the messy and elegant look with minimal effort. You should know that this hairstyle does not have to be perfect. The knot or a bump that you find should be remained that way. Now, you are ready to stand out in the crowd in any occasion with those black fishtail braids.

rebecca black fishtail braids Black Fishtail Braids Step Step

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