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Black and Caramel Hairstyles Considerations

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by nissa

Black and caramel hairstyles can be easily found on celebrities’ hairs nowadays. This new trend has become the favorite of many stars. Black is the neutral color. The great thing is, as the neutral color, darker color can be matched with any shade of highlights. Add some sweetening to your black hair with some streaks of blondes. What kinds of blonde that can give you the best? Caramel is. It enriches the whole look of your hair. The spectrum of caramel and honey color is considered as the hot blonde. The combination of hot blonde and mysterious black is the best.

black and caramel highlights hairstyles Black and Caramel Hairstyles Considerations

However, before you dye your hair black, there are some things that you should be considered. It is because black hair may not be suitable for everyone. For example, if you have light or fair skin, dying your hair black makes you look washed out and pale. Black is best for women who have dark skin tone or tanned, like Eva Longoria or Beyoncé  Knowles. Next, it is your eye color that you should consider. Keep in mind that eye color and skin tone will complete each other. Eye colors like gray, blue, or green, will not look good with black and caramel hairstyles. On the contrary, that hair color and highlight is suitable for those who have hazel or brown eye color.

black and caramel color hightlights Black and Caramel Hairstyles Considerations

Next, you should also consider the preparation. If it is your very first time to dye your hair, it is not recommended if you do that by yourself at your home. Instead, go to the stylist and colorist to help you. It is because two different shades combined together coloring is quite difficult. However, if you want the simpler way, home highlighting kit products are available. It is indeed beautiful if you have black hair combined with caramel blonde highlights. Yet, caramel is not necessarily combined with black hair. Do not force yourself to dye your hair in black. Caramel highlights are also great to combine with other colors, like brown or lighter colored hair. Two different shades are not limited only black and caramel hairstyles.

black and caramel hairstyles 2013 Black and Caramel Hairstyles Considerations

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