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Beautiful Updos for Long Hair in Casual Occasions

Friday, 12 July 2013, 14:15 | Long Hairstyles | 0 Comment | Read 2837 Times
by nissa

Beautiful updos for long hair can be applied for any occasion, whether it is formal or casual. Now, this is going to give you some ideas of casual updos for long hair. Long hair is indeed easier to style. However, that does not mean that you can carelessly style your hair without any trendy look. First, if you have the wavy and curly look, you can get dressed up pony look. This hairstyle includes tendrils. Keep in mind that tendrils are not only for layers in chin length hair, but also the longer layer and haircuts. You should pull your hair back and make a pony, but let several pieces of your long hair loose. This will give you the messy and trendy look.

beautiful updos for long hairstyle Beautiful Updos for Long Hair in Casual Occasions

Another choice is, you can try the old-fashioned hair updo that is combined with many pieces of layers and deep side part. This hairstyle can be applied for both straight and wavy hair. For those who have straight hair, you can get fringe bangs like Taylor Swift’s. You can pull back your hair into a simple bun, while the bangs should be straight and thick to get it attractive. Another beautiful updos for long hair is the low volume in slicked back hair. This hairstyle needs no bangs. You should part your hair in the middle and get the hair slicked to the side and create the simple bun in the back below.

beautiful updos for long straight hair Beautiful Updos for Long Hair in Casual Occasions

If you have trouble with frizzy hair, then it is recommended for you to style your hair in ballerina bun. No need to add bangs. The tendrils should be light and the topknot should also be imperfect to make it look messy and elegant at the same time. Another variation of simple ballerina is teased topknot. It is actually like the ballerina bun, but before you make a bun, you should tease the pony first. Do not forget to apply hairspray to make sure that your hairstyle will fit in its place all day long. Ballerina bun like this can be applied to the wavy and curly hair. Those beautiful updos for long hair may be completed with some headpieces, like headband.

beautiful updos for long curly hair Beautiful Updos for Long Hair in Casual Occasions

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