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Ashy Beach Blonde Hair and the Other Kinds

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by nissa

Ashy beach blonde hair is the pretty popular idea for summer holiday hair color. Most people think that the blondes are the sexiest and the highest maintained girls. Due to that fact, it is important for you to have hair treatments, touch ups, toners, and such to make sure that your blonde colored hair always gets the attention. If your natural hair is not blonde, then it is the time for you to experiment with the blonde colors. Blonde has many tones. It is you to choose what kind of tones that will fit your facial features, skin tones, and even your personality. Here are some popular ideas that you can consider.

ashy beach blonde hair trend Ashy Beach Blonde Hair and the Other Kinds

Bronde is the new blonde. Bronde means brown and blonde. This can also look like an ashy beach blonde hair. Taylor Swift is the one that looks perfect with this hair color. The dark blonde that looks brownish is the current trend. It will give you the natural look on your hair. On the other hand, according to most hair stylists, this hair color is the hardest one to get. If you want to have this color, you should get the help from your colorist to get dark ashy blonde for the base and add the slight highlights around the hair top and in the ends.

ashy beach blonde hair for holiday Ashy Beach Blonde Hair and the Other Kinds

Next, it is also great to have vanilla blonde. This kind of blonde is actually not too ashy. However, it is the best thing that you can get if you want to have softer color on your hair. Michelle Williams is the one who has vanilla blonde hair and she looks gorgeous. You should get the help of your colorist to combine pale highlights with light golden hue. Keep in mind that too often bleaching hair can cause damage; you can keep your hair short to avoid the damage. Blush blonde is another idea for girls with fair skin. You just have to ask your colorist to get strawberry blonde color as the undertone and add the streak of gold highlight here and there. Those kinds of blondes can be considered as ashy beach blonde hair for summer holiday.

ashy beach blonde hair 2013 Ashy Beach Blonde Hair and the Other Kinds

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