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Ash Blonde on Black Hair Needs Professional Care

Monday, 7 October 2013, 11:42 | Hair Color | 0 Comment | Read 7605 Times
by nissa

Ash blonde on black hair is not that easy to achieve. It is not recommended for you to do the dyeing process at home by yourself if this is your very first time coloring your hair and your hair is totally black. There are some rules that you should know before lighting your hair. First, if your black hair is artificial, means that it is the previous color you choose for your hair color, then you cannot lighten it without using bleach. Keep in mind that if your hair is naturally black, bleaching is also needed. Your hair will not magically turn into ash blonde without bleach.

ash blonde dye on black hair Ash Blonde on Black Hair Needs Professional Care

Next, home coloring products that are available in the market nowadays are only meant to lighten your hair at least 1-2 shades of your natural hair color. The rate of hair shades from darkest to lightest is; 1=black, 2=darkest brown, 3=darker brown, 4= dark brown, 5=medium brown, 6= light brown, 7=dark blonde, 8=medium blonde, 9=light blonde, and 10=lightest brown. Next, if you want to get ash blonde on black hair, you should know that there will always be the reflects that may be unwanted. For instance, you may end up getting gold instead of ash blonde, even if you have used bleaching.

medium ash blonde on black hair Ash Blonde on Black Hair Needs Professional Care

Making the accurate decisions about the exact shade and the light you need is important. Next, make sure that you choose the choice of reflect. The choices include natural, gold, copper, red, ash, beige, pearl, violet, and many more. Do not forget to consider the under lying pigment. Each shade has different under lying pigment. The dark color (dark brown and black) has red pigment. Medium to light brown has orange pigment. Dark to medium blonde has gold pigment, and light to lightest blonde has yellow pigment. After the under lying pigment has been determined, you should know how to neutralize it. You can use the color wheel to help you. Keep in mind that the colors that are opposite to each other will give you unwanted and weird pigment. It can be a bit tough to get ash blonde on black hair without any advice from the hair colorist.

light ash blonde on black hair Ash Blonde on Black Hair Needs Professional Care





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